Traumatized Dog Can’t Stop Staring At The Wall

    A heavily traumatized dog refuses to look at anyone when he arrived at the shelter. Instead, he faces the wall to make himself feel safe!

    Tammy Graves, founder of The founder of a pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation, was visiting a shelter when a sight broke her heart. A traumatized dog, frozen in a state of anguish, staring at a wall.

    She was scouting and examining the facility when she spotted June Cash; a poor mishandled and abused dog.

    June was glaring in a corner, not only terrified and scared, but quite possibly suffering from a severe case of mental shock.

    Graves, punched in the gut by state in which they found the traumatized dog, immediately rescued the poor dog and brought her to a local vet.

    Turn to the next page to see what happens to the traumatized dog. His story is just so sad.

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    Pamela Woolsey

    How do you find her. I am very interested in adopting her.

    E Porter