The Police Are Looking At Pit Bulls To Do Police Work!

I never heard much growing up about Pit Bulls. We didn’t live in a big city and it was mostly a quiet rural town of Black Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

When I was older and moved into the city everyone seemed to have a Pit Bull. I also remember those horrible sad stories about the dog fighting rings and pits turned into vicious beasts. In fact this is the picture most people see today.

But it’s just not true! Like any person or animal if we were treated badly of course we would act out of fear and anger! No one wants to be hurt especially not innocent dogs.

Well it’s time to spread a new message about the beautiful breed that is the Pit Bull. They are not monsters and they do not only exist to attack and kill. They are smart, loving companions and are just as loyal as a lab or shepherd.

2 organizations have come up with a solution to the bad image pits get and it involves the police! Continue to the next page to WATCH why the police are turning to Pit Bulls!

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