Rescued Pit Bull Is Obsessed With Shaking Hands. So CUTE!

A rescued Pit bull has a secret that his adoptive family did not know about him! Harvey the Pit bull is completely obsessed with shaking paws!!!

It came as a sweet surprise to Harvey’s family when the rescued Pit bull won’t stop giving his paw to whoever he can. It seems like this family has a lot of love to make up for all the times Harvey had none.

It’s not easy for a dog to live in the shelter. There’s a reason why they often feel unloved and withdrawn during their stint in such a place.

But now that Harvey is in the hands of a loving family, he can have all the love in the world. Now, there are people who treat him like a family member and give him all the paw shake in the world.

Turn to the next page to see a rescued Pit bull adorably demand his human to shake his paw. He loves them too much.

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Awww, for heaven’s sake, just shake the dog’s paw, or lift the dog up into the hammock with you.