Pit Bull Sees Owner Being Abused By Her Husband And Does NOT Tolerate It

When you think of the Pit Bull dog breed what comes to your mind?  Many people would think they are scary and can be mean – but of course WE know better because we love them! They are sweet and gentle love bugs!

Time and time again we have read and seen incredible videos and stories regarding these incredible dogs. They constantly prove that they will protect their loved ones whenever they can!

Pit Bulls are known to create VERY strong bonds with their owners – they are extremely loyal. This means that when they see that they are threatened? You better watch out!

In the video on the next page – a Pit Bull sees domestic violence ensuing in the household. He starts to witness his beloved owner beginning to be abused by the husband in the same house. Not okay.

Continue to the next page to watch this INCREDIBLE video – it’s something you won’t soon forget. It’s just another story and video to add to the list of amazing Pit Bulls.

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Do Jones

Great Dog, a true Blessing!!

Stan Matthews

Nice story but why has the poor dog got a heavy duty chain round his neck. what’s wrong with a decent collar


they break them and the necks are to strong for a regular collar, he was not bothered by it



Peter Holland

Pit Bulls are ” love bugs ” ?! What planet are you on . I suppose you think that they are used in dog fighting because they kiss each other to death .


Peter, hi, I just want to say I’ve had my pit bull for 13.5 years. She is the biggest “love bug”, I would like to inform you that a pit bull is no more dangerous than a poodle! It is true that some are aggressive, because they were taught to be. It isn’t the dogs, it is the ignorant,irresponsible owners. Pit bulls are very obidient, they are very sensitive as well, they cannot stand to be in trouble,therefore, they don’t do things they’re not supposed to do! Thanks for reading! I hope this gives some true insight on pit bulls.


I’m guessing this dog isn’t taken care of ! You can tell by that big chain! And how big he is:( sad! Hope tbis dog has a happy ending in the end!!!


you would be guessing wrong,as someone who has and still does have pit bulls. the dog is very well taken care of look at his coat, look at how solid he is, as for the chain, as strong as they are you need a chain/leash that is solid and not easily broken, the fact that he is not pulling on it indicates he is use to walking on a leash and has been trained to not pull, I have no worries that Blitz is a very happy puppy.

The dog is fine. He’s in great shape, and quite content to stand with his owner as she’s talking to the reporter. Some people buy weird collars for big dogs (like those leather ones with the spikes sticking outward). Pitbulls are plenty strong enough, especially one that big, to wear a heavy chain collar. Note she doesn’t attach a leash to it. She uses a smaller chain collar, which also points to her dog being well-behaved and happy to mind her. I don’t particularly like such big, heavy collars either, but it’s not hurting the dog. I volunteer for our… Read more »

Cropped ears, a large chain neck weight and a choke chain leash. Slipped past the owner and out the door to threaten a person…whether they deserved it or not. Bad owner. Bad dog. If the man had stabbed or shot her dog he would have been within his rights. If you love your dog you keep it contained…and don’t ‘decorate’ it to look like a fighter.