Pit Bull Pup Found Covered In Scars And Dying Alone In Wilderness

I am not sure what warrants death in such sad and gruesome fashion, but I’m sure this pup didn’t deserve to go out the way he would have. He deserved better than that.

They found her dehydrated and in shock. She couldn’t even take a few steps without collapsing.

However, if you see her now, you wouldn’t think she was the same dog.

Now full of life and love for people, this Pit bull pup will show you just how powerful kindness can be. Check out video below.

So happy for Julia and her new lease in life. She deserves this!


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Julia is so. Beautiful I hate seeing these doggies abused, hurt, left to die ,abandoned and the awful things people do to animals it males me sick .these people shd be held accountable and punished!!!!!

Debi W
Tragic start in life… this puppy deserves all the love she can get. She shouldn’t ever feel scared, alone, unloved or mistrustful. I have 2 rescues who’s “people” were horrible to them. They still don’t trust strangers but they sure remember who’s been here already. My GSD about did backflips when he saw my son. It had been a year! My other is a Chow mix – he’s missing a toe bone, a dew claw bone (and it’s double the size of a normal one), has had surgery on his neck to take the embedded chain out. He’s scared of… Read more »