Woman Survives House Burning To The Ground, Thanks To Pit Bull

Our dogs are our most loyal best friends forever right? They stick with us through thick and thin and when you’re having the worst day of your life there they are to comfort you.

And we’ve all seen the classic re-runs of Lassie right? Where the kid falls in a well and his loyal and brilliant dog runs to fetch help. This may be TV but you’ve seen this in real life too.

Service dogs are literally in the game of helping humans through life when the going has gotten tough. Guide dogs, therapy dogs, military and police dogs all are in the service of people.

We always hear about the courage of dogs coming to their owner’s rescue or stopping the bad guys from escaping. Dogs are quick and smart on their feet and don’t have to rely on anything but instinct.

One brave pit had to use all her instinct when she was caught in her home while it was burning down. Continue to the next page, you have to SEE what she did!!

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