SEE French Photographer Fight Pit Bull Stereotypes In The CUTEST Way!!!!

You hear a lot of bad, mean things in the news these days about dog attacks and fighting rings. The stories usually focus on a few specific breeds of dogs talking only about how scary and horrible they are.

Let’s be real,  people usually stick our friend the Pit Bull at the top of this list. Even though there are so many types of breeds! You have the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier and yet they all get lumped in together.

But it’s not the dog’s fault they act like they do! Their humans do terrible things like raising them to fight and know nothing but hate and violence. How could those poor innocent dogs be anything but vicious??

Luckily there are crusaders out there trying to destroy the bias by showing just how cute Pit Bulls can be. You’ve seen the video of the Pit Bull snuggling that baby right??! Or playing with that itty bitty kitten? It’s a new light for these dogs, and they have many friends on their side!

Continue reading on the next page to SEE one artist who wanted to show the world how wonderful Pit Bulls really are. It will blow you away and you’ll never see Pits in the same way again. Warning you may need tissues!!

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