Devastated Pit Bull Has Tears In His Eyes After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Shelter

Once a dog ends up in a shelter, there’s no guarantee of a new home. But imagine being a Pit bull in such situation–and imagine being a Pit bull in a high-kill facility.

When a Pittie named Blue King was dropped off at Carson shelter by his owners, they pretty much sealed his fate. A high kill shelter is the worst place to be a Pit bull.

But they left him there anyway, and Blue King knew what was in store for him in that place. When a shelter staff gave him a treat, he sniffed it but never ate it. He probably thought, ”What’s the point?”

Aside from his apparent lack of spirit, they also noticed that he was constantly crying. Some speculate it was due to allergies, but who’s to say he’s not sad at the same time?

Blue King’s family gave him up when they decided to move and determined he could not take him with them. As days passed, Blue King’s chance of adoption got slimmer.

The volunteers took a photo of the Pit bull’s sad face and uploaded it on Facebook in hopes that someone might take him home. A woman named Jennifer McKay responded to the call.

Turn to the next page to see how Blue King’s life turns out. It’s an absolutely fairy tale. 

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